Design Principles


Flexibly Adjust the Design

“ARCHITECTURE with sauce” is a series of handicraft templates with which the well-known buildings can be tinkered at home: It addresses young people, adults, and children. No matter whether young or old: together we encourage creativity and fun!

If a building model does not yet exist, a handicraft model can be proposed for implementation. Every newly developed handicraft template is created in a reddish design and provided with an advertisement on the last page. If “your” building is already part of the handicraft series, then you as a company have the opportunity to support this idea as a branding partner. The design guideline describes what leeway a branding partner has in terms of graphic and content design.

Crafting Models Design Principles

Worldwide Publication

The handicraft models have been created since 2021 and since then developed for important buildings around the world. This also includes well-known buildings such as the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, and the world’s tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa. We’re planning to release more than 100 buildings as handicraft templates.

People from all over the world should be able to tinker a model with paper and glue at home. But that’s not all: once a model is ready, the creative can pick up the next handicraft template. Maybe also to “your” model?

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Same Look and Feel

In order to be recognizable within the series, there are certain restrictions on the adaptation of the colors and elements. The font (Myriad), the size of the texts and the positioning of elements should not be changed. However, you can make adjustments on the first and last page (see next page for details). The editorial handicraft pages (from the first page to the last page) may not be changed without consultation and approval.

You are completely free to add new pages to the handicraft sets. For example, you can insert a page or two after the first or up to the last page. Please make sure that the content fits the target group. Avoid content that is not intended for minors.

When ordering, you will receive the original files in Adobe Illustrator (.AI) format so that you can make the changes yourself. Optionally, you can also order this from the handicraft models team (price on request). The editors reserve the right to make changes to the content.


What else is there to consider?


Basically every crafting template is created in dark red color. You can replace all colored elements with colors of your choice. You can also remove the advertising on the first and last page and replace it with content of your choice. You also have the option of adding your own logo and up to two additional pages before the last page.


As a rule, you do not need a graphics agency or corresponding programs. You simply tell us the desired color values and send us your logo. If you also want a link to a website, this can also be added.

If you would like to have added additional pages to the handicraft template, please send us these completed contents. Changes of up to one hour are included. If the implementation takes longer, it can be booked for a fee on request.


Basically, every craft model is created in English. Each branding partner has two languages included as standard. So you are free to choose the second language at no cost extra.

If the translation has already taken place in the corresponding language (e.g. in German), you do not have to translate any content, because the content is already available to us. However, if you would like the craft model in a language for which there is currently no translation (e.g. Japanese), please send the translated Japanese texts of the craft template in this language to the editorial office.

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